Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care is something as a responsible pet owner you must take responsibility for, if you get your pet used to having their teeth brushed from a young age it could save you and your pet problems in the future.

What pet dental care products should I use?

The main thing to remember is not to use human products, there are products out there such as doggy toothpaste that should be used, never use human toothpaste on your pets, there are also pet-specific products such as toothbrushes, dental sticks and pet mouthwash that can all help keep your pet’s teeth, healthy and clean.

How much does pet dental care cost?

If you ask your vet to look after your pet’s teeth, it can be quite expensive, so doing it at home is better if you can, but your dog or cat must be comfortable with you brushing their teeth from when they are a puppy or a kitten, most pets will get used to something quite quickly and if you try and make it fun and a bit of a game, they may even end up enjoying it.

How much tooth extraction at a vet’s cost?

The price of tooth extraction at a vets can be expensive, it can start from £500 upwards. So this is why prevention is better than the cure and a lot less costly in the long run. Sometimes a vet will have to carry out dental X rays and administer anaesthetic so could prove an expensive procedure.

Pet dental care really is an important part of caring for your pet, ensuring their teeth are regularly cleaned and plaque and tartar are removed are crucial to save problems in the long run. Make sure when you use dental sticks for your dog or cat they are the right size for the pet you are giving them too, they can also be high in calories so bear that in mind and maybe reduce their food or other treats slightly to allow for this.

A white dog with his mouth open