Cat Neutering

Cat neutering is an important part of being a responsible cat owner.

What is cat neutering?

Cat neutering is basically the removal of a cat’s reproductive organs, in females, it is usually called spaying and neutering in males.

It is said that after a cat is neutered it will become cleaner and groom itself more than it previously would have.

How old should a cat be when you have it neutered?

The best age to have your cat neutered is between 4 and 5 months old.

Will it make my cat more affectionate?

Cat neutering is said to make cats slightly easier to get on with, after neutering they usually become gentler and more affectionate. This is because the testosterone levels in the bloodstream will steadily decrease. They will usually become less active also, and less likely to roam. This is usual but not guaranteed in all cats.

Will my cat hate me afterward?

Your cat will not hate you; they may be drowsy after the operation; this could even last a few days afterward. Within a week once they have recovered, your cat will be back to normal.

Looking after your cat after the operation

Once your cat has been neutered you must try and keep them from being too active, no running or jumping if they do, they could tear the stitches or aggravate where they have been spayed, this could cause bleeding and discomfort for your cat. Try and keep them confined to one room with easy access to a litter tray.


Cat neutering must be carried out by a professional vet, contact your local veterinary practice for prices and appointments.