Autowatch Ghost Birmingham

How Does the Autowatch Ghost Birmingham Protect Your Car?

The Autowatch Ghost Birmingham is well-known as a very effective tool to protect your vehicle. The technology works by the device communicating with the vehicles ECU (engine control unit) on the CAN Data circuit.

The developers of the Autowatch ghost have put additional high-security methods in the device to stop it from being bypassed or hacked by thieves. It utilises both CAN-BUS blocking as well as a physical immobiliser cut.  This is not found on many other security devices and gives you another layer of protection and peace of mind.

The big advantage of installing a Ghost Immobiliser is in the UK the chances of being hacked is almost 0. Common carjacking tactics such as relay attacks, keyless car theft, and cloning will not work when the Autowatch Ghost Birmingham is fitted.

Once it has been successfully installed by an approved installer, usually priced around £450, it is near impossible to successfully bypass. This makes it one of the most effective aftermarket devices you can purchase to keep your vehicle safe. The only way a thief could steal your vehicle with a Ghost installed is by physically towing it away – even then the engine will never start.

How does the Autowatch Ghost Work?

The Autowatch Ghost Birmingham is a small, discreet device installed inside the vehicle. It has no key-fobs or LED indicators to give away its location.

Once installed, it works by allowing you to create a unique pin-code sequence (up to 20 characters long) – like a credit card.  The pin code must be entered correctly every time you enter the vehicle. The code uses buttons in the car’s interior, from the centre console, steering wheel, and pedals. Working like a secure and complex credit card, your prized possession will be always protected.

Autowatch Ghost Birmingham