Deep Tissue Massage In Birmingham

Deep Tissue MassageDeep tissue massage Birmingham offers a wide array of integrated techniques to take charge of your total body wellness care. Muscle tightness and tension can build up in your body caused by injury or repetitive routine activities- ways you repeatedly use your body throughout the day, for instance manual work, computer work, feeling stressed, driving and holding stress in your shoulders and neck. This all results how your soft tissues and muscles work together. When you feel tightness or tension in your muscles accompanied by pain, deep tissue massage can work wonders through the layers of soft tissues and muscles, eventually softening them, releasing “knots” and “adhesions” from the tissues and muscles.

It is a perfect therapy for pain management ranging from personal injury, chronic injury, accident injury and much more. The massage is aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the fascia and muscle. It can vary immensely and often incorporates a whole range of techniques to manipulate, manage and rehabilitate soft tissues including tendons, ligaments and muscles. Typically, it involves a massage using thumbs, knuckles, elbows and forearms. However, good practitioners often include other techniques like myofacial release and trigger point.

Although there may be some soreness after the massage, the discomfort and unease should dissipate within two or three days and then be replaced with a noticeable improvement in mobility. One recommendation following the massage is to soak in a warm bath with some Epsom salts as this will help to remove the toxins and other waste out of your body. Additionally, drink plenty of water post therapy to dispel the released waste and toxins.

The benefits of these services include
. Reduced anxiety and stress
. Improved mobility and flexibility,
. Reduced pain
. Increased range of motion
. Improved sleep
. Restored ease of movement
. Reduced spasm, tension and hyper tonicity
. Reduced facial adhesions and scar tissue which may improve both nerve and circulatory function
. Increased circulation of both lymph and blood
. Alleviated ischemia by mitigating facial adhesions and releasing hypertoned muscles, thereby improving blood circulation.

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